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Simple yet effective car exercises to help you lose weight

We all lead a mostly sedentary lifestyle. Most of our waking hours are spent either driving from one place to another or in front of an electronic gadget! Is it any wonder that we are gaining weight and assorted medical issues linked to it!

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Lengthy commute to work, being stuck in traffic jams, or long road trips don’t help you lose weight as much as fast walking or running would do! Still, there are some ways where your car can help you with your weight loss!

Listed below are some of the exercises that you can do while just sitting inside your car. Remember to not do some of these exercises while the car is moving!

Begin by Stretching

The first thing you do before beginning an exercise routine is stretching. Do the same thing. Stretch your arms and legs before you sit in the car.

After you have slid the seat belt in place, do simple neck stretches. Roll your neck slowly in a circular and then in an anti-circular motion. The stress usually gets bundled up in our neck. Doing these simple stretches helps release some of that stress from our body.

Invest in Wrist Weights


You can buy some slight wrist weights from a local sports shop. The wrist weights are available from 2 pounds to 10 pounds in weight. These wrist weight bands can be worn around like a bracelet. They do not hamper your driving, nor do they restrict your hands from reaching and using the steering wheel.

At the red traffic light or a slow moving traffic, work on your biceps! Leave one hand on the steering wheel, lift the other hand from your waist up to your chest, several times.

Repeat the set with the other hand. It will be a great workout for your biceps because the weights will generate resistance.

Taking it a Step Further

Next, do a few bicep curls! While wearing the wrist weight cuffs, stretch your arms while holding the steering wheel from below. Pull your entire body forward, all the while tightening your biceps.

Do this about 60 times or till you start to sense your biceps burning!

One for the Backside


The one place that bears the maximum brunt of you sitting all day is your butt. Easy solution for it is the butt flexes.

Squeeze your bum cheeks tightly then release them. Repeat this till you feel your bum muscles starting to get tired!

For a Better Posture

Ab flexes can be done while you are in the car, at the desk, or walking. Just flex the stomach muscles continuously!

It is a great workout for the abdomen as well as a contributing factor for a better posture. Do it till you feel the stomach muscles tiring!

Washing the Car


Washing your own car helps you burn up a few calories! Make the car washing process a bit intensive, a lot of water, soap, and maybe some polish.

Stand straight on both your toes without favoring just one hip. A 30 minute of doing just this would help you burn up to 400 calories!

Drink Water

Keeping yourself hydrated is also essential when you are trying to lose body weight. You need to consume an average of 600 ml water almost every hour.

Keep a filled bottle handy in your door or the cup holder. It will visibly remind you to drink water!

Just Breathe


Obviously, we don’t forget to breathe, but what we don’t do is take deep breaths. In yoga, taking deep breaths is associated with balancing the rhythms of the body. It’s essential for throwing out the stress and bringing in the harmony.

So, simply take long deep breaths. It will help you keep your calm, focus on driving and respect traffic rules keep you calm as well!

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