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7 Most Interesting Cars at the 2016 Paris Auto Show

The 2016 Paris Auto Show was truly a car lover’s dream come true. The show featured a whole lot of cars from renowned car makers from around the world being showcased in their true glory. Here are 7 of the most interesting cars that made headlines at the show.

  1. BMW Concept X2


Image Source : Cdn.Bmwblog.Com

Taking a detour from the company’s original design rules, BMW launched its Concept X2 vehicle by reimagining the entire crossover coupe. The sporty crossover that it is, the Concept X2 is slightly wider than X1 and features some really cool looking bumper sculpting in addition to sporting an overall mustachioed look. The Concept X2 also comes with some unique features which include a black roof inset, thick rear fenders and side glasses that taper to a point.

  1. LeFerrariAperta


Image Source : Images.Car.Bauercdn.Com

Launched by Ferrari, the LeFerrariAperta is the convertible version of the LaFerrai sports car. Promising the same performance as that of the regular version, the convertible version features an open air design and the same powertrain (949 horsepower produced by a V12 paired with electric motor as well as KERS technology). The aerodynamics of both versions is the same as well. Too bad the vehicle will not be available in the market though for it is already sold out.

  1. Honda Civic Type R


Image Source : Honda.Co.Uk

The new generation Civic Type R from Honda was showcased as a prototype at the Paris Auto Show. Not much change is expected in the design phase as is the case with any Civic concepts. One noticeable change is the paint finish that comes with a unique brushed aluminum-look vinyl wrap. A little bit of aggression is noticed with extra slats added to the front bumper, a deep chin spoiler made of carbon fiber, and a scoop added to the hood. Other noticeable features include widened fenders, fat wheels, over the top rear wing, triple tailpipes, and a red accented exhaust.

  1. Hyundai RN30 Concept


Image Source : Images.Cdn.Autocar.Co.Uk

This concept car from Hyundai comes from the high-performance N brand which takes after the i30 hatchback. Sharing the same engine as the i30, the RN30 features an additional four cylinder system that offers the vehicle a racing treatment. Forged internals and a bigger turbo contribute to a 333 lb-ft torque and 375 horsepower. Other impressive features include dual clutch transmission and an electronic limited slip differential and a race ready body complete with wings, diffusers and vents.

  1. Lexus UX Concept Car


Image Source : Images.Car.Bauercdn.Com

This concept car from Lexus raised quite a few eyebrows at the show, thanks to its weird design centered on an ‘Inside Out’ design concept. The car features some bizarre styling in the form of a sharp, angular exterior that integrates with a stranger looking cabin seamlessly. The other noticeable features of the crossover include raked C-pillar rear doors, a long hood, 21 inch wheels that extend into the tires, futuristic seats, a swooping, overlapping dash, and silver accented wheel arches, roof rails and mirrors, etc. for a form of continuity.

  1. Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ concept

Generation EQ, Exterieur

Image Source : Mercedes-Benz.Com

Mercedes-Benz has gone all out to take on the battery-electric business fleet belonging to Tesla. The concept car comes with fully scalable architecture and powertrains that would power an entire fleet of battery electric sedans, wagons, coupes, SUVs and 2-4 seat convertibles. The vehicles will be powered by lithium ion battery packs. Apart from this, the vehicles will also feature an electric ecosystem comprising of related innovations, technologies and services. All these are complemented with a neat, clean and pretty hot look.

  1. Renault Trezor


Image Source : Cdn.Renault.Com

This French concept car is an electric autonomous vehicle which comes with some exaggerated proportions as well as interesting gimmicks.Case in point: the cheek pouch ducts that will look more in place in a concept car that has little or nothing to do with reality. The look of the Trezor is quite French; long, bold and elegant, complete with a striking red interior. On top of the hood are hexagonal shaped openings for air intake.

Although impractical, the idea is quite creative though. Other striking features of the car include an innovative canopy and exterior autonomous mode lighting. Even though the Trezor may not make it to the streets as a fully viable car, chances are Renault may take some key pointers from it while designing other on road vehicles in the future. 

The Paris Auto Show 2016 saw many big names in the automobile industry put their best foot forward by launching their concept vehicles. From sleek, elegant designs to plain weird looks, the show was a must visit for car lovers around the world.

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