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One-off Ford Falcon Pool Table shines at SEMA

The renowned aftermarket show, SEMA, which is currently going on in Las Vegas isn’t just about the tuned cars. The show is also flooded with so many other auto related creations that not only caught the attention of auto lovers but also remained one-off-a-kind to make versatility a synonym with SEMA. One of the unique entrants of the show is this Ford Falcon Pool Table.

Though we already have seen Ford Falcon Pool Table in the past but the one showcased at 2012 SEMA show is different, really different to be precise.  The Ford Falcon Pool Table is more a special creation on the display than others. The pool table is made on a 1960 Ford Falcon model and the creator chopped and molded the old powerhouse to convert it into an awesome form for anyone to appreciate, but that’s not without a lot of brainstorming and studying various designs to put it up in a new avatar.

Via: Autoevolution

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