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BMW 650i Gran Coupe art car is a sheer mess of colors

BMW is pioneer and famous for creating one-off art cars by commissioning some of the most renowned artists from all over the world to leave everlasting impression on its cars. However, BMW’s official art cars don’t come too often. So it’s too tiring for some of its fans to wait for BMW art car, particularly when art cars are all the rage lately. Something similar happened to an Abu Dhabi based dealership, Umm Al Nar.

As the Mideast dealerships are famous for the eccentric makeover of cars, this BMW art car is no exception. The Umm Al Nar dealership gets this car painted with weird color combination for its event called ‘The Road is your Easel’ that goes until December 6. The color combination might not be as impressive as in Jeff Koons’ BMW M3 GTS art car and it seems that someone drove the BMW 650i Gran Coupe through a paint store.

The cacophony of colors starts with purple and blue combination at front that seems to mess up with many other colorful hues it finally reaches to the rear end of 650i Gran Coupe. What inspired the creator to add innumerable hues to the BMW 650i Gran Coupe is simply beyond us, especially when the BMW 650i Gran Coupe flaunts impressive design and offers spectacular performance that comes from a 4.4-liter V-8 engine rated at 445hp and 480 pound-feet of torque.


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