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Chinese hires cow to pull his malfunctioned BMW Cabrio to register protest

BMW owner protests with cow 3

It seems Chinese eat crazy salad with their food to come out with weird ways to show their protests. We read about a Chinese hiring people in blue with helmets and hammers to break his Lamborghini Gallardo into pieces on ‘World Consumer’s Day’ in 2011. The reason being, the local official Lamborghini workshop failed to fix the engine malfunction.

Here is a similar case. The car involved this time isn’t a Lambo but a red BMW 1-series Cabrio. An angry man from the great city of Qingdao in Shandong Province hires a cow to pull his BMW around the town to show his protest against the local BMW dealer who repeatedly failed to fix the malfunctioned car. The incident is reminiscent of a Volvo with ox and a Range Rover with Donkeys which were also meant to register the protest against the dealerships in China.

The car was towed around the town just to show that it isn’t worth more than a farmer’s cart and to spread the message that the automakers across the world should keep consumer’s rights in their mind. Hope the message reaches to German automaker this time.

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