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Foldable City Ass electric unicycle takes compactness, eco friendliness to next level

Foldable City Ass electric unicycle

Foldable City Ass electric unicycle

As the concerns about the increasingly cramped space on the city roads are raging high with each passing day, there is a dire need for compact vehicles that occupy less space and can be steered easily to the destination during the rush hours. The folding bikes are one of the solutions for the short commutes. Even if you aren’t that interested in pedaling one to your destination, they come with electric motors to take that proverbial fatigue away from you.

However, here is a concept that provides a better solution. Well, yes we are talking about the unicycles. Though the unicycles aren’t that common as it needs considerable skills to ride one but that surely doesn’t mean it is out of the consideration, or for that matter fashion. What if it folds and doesn’t ask you to pedal? It’ll not only be instrumental in making it ride easy as paddling might take a considerable time to balance one but also saves your sweat.

Taking the concept of unicycle to next level, Austrian industrial designer, Alfred Urleb, comes with City Ass which is a small, lightweight electric vehicle that folds to be placed anywhere – be it your workstation or living space. What makes it even more beautiful is the fact that it’s saddle and a single handle folds to fit in the body to make it look nothing but a small handbag that is easy to carry and store. The City Ass foldable unicycle can easy be maneuvered on roads and can also be taken on public transport to take compactness and eco friendliness to next level.

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