Chevy FNR Concept

Concept cars that take creativity and imagination to the next level

The future holds a big promise in terms of development and improvement. Big names in the automotive industry are working ...

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6 Smart gadgets that work with the steering wheel for a safer ride

Texting while driving is the single most reason for the majority of road accidents today. However, in spite of regular ...

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Cool gadgets and gizmos that make your car ‘smarter’

The experience of driving is revolutionizing with beyond imagination technology slowly paving its way inside cars. The concept of a ...

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Terrafugia  flying cars

Supercool concepts and cars that must materialize by 2020

No-one could have foreseen the advancements that technology has made in the last decade in the automotive industry. The year ...

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Meet the half bike (2)

Meet the half bike, and enjoy its quirky but efficient style

Half bikes are a compact and fun way to commute. For a while, the bicycle has ruled because of its ...

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Connected pedals

Say goodbye to the mundane: Cool and efficient bike-security gears

When you possess something prized to you, you need to secure it at all times. Because bikes are on the ...

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bizarre traffic laws

Comical and unbelievably bizarre traffic laws from around the world

When you are on your next vacation and you have taken a cross country road trip, it is sensible to ...

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Top 5 Gadgets to help you connect with your car better

Most of us hardly give a second thought to our vehicles except for driving around in them and then handing ...

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