Maserati Boomerang 1972

Outlandish and crazy designs that ever made to a car’s dashboard

Sometimes car designers may be swept over by passion or a little too much alcohol the night before, resulting in ...

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Lane-departure warning

The amazing technology that silently makes your car rides safer

According to statistics, the most common accidents are rear collisions while backing up, side-swipes when changing lanes, and roll-overs caused ...

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Ford Fiesta

Cars with the most preposterous names

An important marketing tool for every product is its name and cars typically need names befitting of the tasks that ...

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Locust bicycle

Bizarre bicycle designs that will fascinate you

The bicycle was invented in the 19th century, and has since pretty much done what it was intended to do, ...

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automotive oil recycling (2)

Know all the basic facts about automotive oil recycling

Automobiles are undeniably an indispensable fact of today’s life. Automotive oil recycling involves recycling of used oil to get oil ...

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Driving and care tips

Driving and care tips that will make your car engine last longer

The way you drive and maintain your car has an impact on the engine of your vehicle. You’re your car, ...

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These high-tech rear view mirrors add value to your driving

One needs to be very alert while driving. Driving without taking appropriate measures can cost a precious human life. Proper ...

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Smart cameras that form an excellent system for your car

Every road has its own serene beauty and as much as you try to rejoice the precious moments that you ...

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