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Luxury Refinish gives Bentley Continental GTC blinged makeover with diamond coat

Gold plated and gilded cars are common in Gulf countries. They are spotted every now and then. If one more comes out, is it surprising? Not at all! The petrodollars have made the populace of the region immensely rich to afford the blinged wheels. The car used this time is from the British luxury automaker, Bentley. The model is Bentley Continental GTC that gets a gildedmakeover for the Big Boys Toys event i ...

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Blinged wheels: Gold plated Lincoln Town Car stretched Limousine from China

After introducing you with hoards of blinged wheels from China that includes gold wrap for Ferrari 458 Italia, Camaro SS, Audi A6L, Nissan GT-R and numerous others, the craze is all but on and here is just another addition to the long list. While we usually introduce our readers with the gold plated cars from various parts of the world, China is getting all the attention these days. However, what remains to ...

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Swarovski-studded lowrider bike is Russia’s most expensive at $30,000

If you have penchant for gilded wheels, this Swarovski-studded bike with gold embroidery is a perfect ride for you this Christmas. The gilded gelem 24Kr/999 sample lowrider bike is the most expensive one from Russia with exclusive details like no other. Russia’s most expensive lowrider bike is encrusted with 1,500 Swarovski-crystals with 1 to 5 mm in size. ...

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Another gold plated car spotted in China, this time it’s Nissan GT-R

While the auto world is busy with the 2012 LA Auto Show, folks at People’s Republic of China are all crazy for that bling thing. The craze for the gilded cars doesn’t seem to stop and gold is ruling the roots in various parts of the south Asian country where cars wrapped in gold are spotted every now and then. With so many cars put on prowl in the country in the recent past, it is safe to say that focus for ...

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Blinged Chevrolet Camaro ZL1: Weird or wonderful?

We already introduced you with a customized Camaro SS, among many others that hit the web in the recent past. The wacky Camaro with 32-inch wheels and chrome finish looked nothing less than a devil on prowl. Introducing you today with one similar creation that will surely make you ask – is it really needed? Nevertheless, if it’s impressive or not is subjective and more about that famous proverb – beauty lie ...

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Chrysler 300C decked with innumerable plastic crystals is one heck of a pimpmobile

After so many blinged cars coming out from China in the recent past, the craze doesn’t seem to stop here. People’s craze for blinged wheels is taking a new high in the country and here is just another addition to the long list of cars that dazzle under the blue heaven. This extremely blinged Chrysler 300C has overwhelmed people at China International Auto Parts Expo (CIAPE) in Beijing. ...

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Blinged wheels: Gold plated Camaro SS and Audi A6L from China

It seems China is getting excessively in love with gilded cars, gold plated in particular. We just introduced you with gold plated Ferrari 458 Italia from China and, just one day after, there are two gold plated cars originating from the Asian country: Chevrolet Camaro SS and Audi A6L. Both the cars are wrapped in gold and shines under the blue heaven of China. ...

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Ferrari 458 Italia gets gold makeover in China

As there is no dearth of wealthy people all over the world who have hell lot of money to count, it is but obvious that they will be ever more anxious everyday to flaunt their wealth in one way or the other. Giving ultra luxurious and sports car a golden wrap is one of them. Such blinged wheels are often spotted in the gulf as well as in oil and gas rich Russia, and occasionally in the other parts of the wor ...

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