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Audi Q5 SUV gets bling wings in China

The recurrent appearance of gold plated cars in the streets across China at least attests one thing that the country has got immense economic boom. The gold plated cars are becoming less uncommon with each passing day. There are hoards of them, spotted sometimes here and sometimes there. Here is just another addition to the long list and this time it's Audi Q5 SUV. ...

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Luxury Refinish gives Bentley Continental GTC blinged makeover with diamond coat

Gold plated and gilded cars are common in Gulf countries. They are spotted every now and then. If one more comes out, is it surprising? Not at all! The petrodollars have made the populace of the region immensely rich to afford the blinged wheels. The car used this time is from the British luxury automaker, Bentley. The model is Bentley Continental GTC that gets a gildedmakeover for the Big Boys Toys event i ...

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Car wrapper WrapStyle gives Nissan GT-R gold vinyl wrap

This is gold wrapped Nissan GT-R. No no it’s not Usain Bolt’s gold wrapped GT-R. That’s already been sold for some charity purpose. It seems, global car wraps specialists WrapStyle is inspired by Bolt’s Nissan GT-R to give this edition a gold vinyal wrap. The wheels are given gold paint finish to match the whole color scheme. Complementary gold dust theme is applied on windows to complete the gold wrap them ...

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In photos: Gold plated cars from China

Gold plated cars were formally spotted in the oil and gas rich Russia as well as in the gulf since the petrodollars oozing from the bosom of earth really made people uber-rich. With the immense wealth came the desire to get noticed and even scream more for that cheap attention every time they hit the road. However, the focus seems to shift to Asia now as a herd of gilded cars, gold plated in particular, ori ...

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Blinged wheels: Gold plated Camaro SS and Audi A6L from China

It seems China is getting excessively in love with gilded cars, gold plated in particular. We just introduced you with gold plated Ferrari 458 Italia from China and, just one day after, there are two gold plated cars originating from the Asian country: Chevrolet Camaro SS and Audi A6L. Both the cars are wrapped in gold and shines under the blue heaven of China. ...

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Ferrari 458 Italia gets gold makeover in China

As there is no dearth of wealthy people all over the world who have hell lot of money to count, it is but obvious that they will be ever more anxious everyday to flaunt their wealth in one way or the other. Giving ultra luxurious and sports car a golden wrap is one of them. Such blinged wheels are often spotted in the gulf as well as in oil and gas rich Russia, and occasionally in the other parts of the wor ...

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In Photos: Most beautiful gold plated cars

Over the years, we have seen the super rich from across the world, especially Russia and Middle East, festooning their rides with gold, diamonds and other precious stones to display their surplus wealth and refined taste on the roads. Personally, I am a big fan of gold plated cars and owing to the fact that I might not be able to own one ever, it feels good to feed my eyes…at least on the ones owned by othe ...

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