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Extreme conversion: Suzuki Hayabusa Reverse Trike

We’ve seen scores of, indeed, thousands of reverse trikes build on donor Suzuki Hayabusa or on other bikes. That includes many extreme makeovers that made everlasting impressions in our mind. The one here in question, too, will do the same, but, perhaps, for a longer period than any other conversion on Hayabusa might have done so far.

Well, it seems, the man involved here is a conversion fanatic or a lover of extreme rides that none has boasted to create or enjoyed. Perhaps, Ben Grave, the man behind this amazing creation has done really a good job and has taken the adjective ‘extreme’ to next level, literally. This one pursued on Suzuki Hayabusa that morphs it into a reverse-trike is one-step ahead by any mean.

The whole story of the makeover can simply be finished in one sentence. Ben took a Suzuki Hayabusa, chopped and added parts to convert it into a reverse trike and went beyond priory by adding Suzuki Carry body on the front, and set it off with 3 Porsche twists to finally come out with one-off-a-kind 54 inches wide and 108 inches long beast that any auto nerd would appreciate.

If you love anything extreme, and appreciate everything related, click here to find the more images with detailed information of the conversion.

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