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Auto buff builds cool Supercar out of wood composites

A couple of days back we have introduced to you some amazing DIY cars from across the world that were simply marvelous. Here is another addition to the long list and is, indeed, equally stunning to overwhelm you. There are scores of examples where DIYers have pursued their work on glass-fiber or carbon-fiber for that matter and rarely on wood . However, some creative generous don’t settle down with what is generally done. Hence comes this wood car which has been meticulously furnished to make it simply look awesome and it’s not just amazing piece of craftsmanship but functional too.

Well, the very word ‘functional’ car finished in wood makes me imagine how herculean and time consuming it would have been to carve a car out of wood. From the overall looks of the car, it seems that the maker has a Lambo in his mind when he started working on it.

Joe Harmon, the creator, has applied wood as far as possible and his creation, which is an embodiment of what a good imagination can take you up to,  is nothing less than mind blowing. The creator just gives the natural replacement to glass-fiber or carbon-fiber to add some more eco friendly flavor to cars

Talking about some details of this 700hp supercar car, it has a wheelbase of 104.8-inches and weighs 2500 pounds. The wooden beauty flaunts all the elements of steering column made of different woods. The traverse leaf springs of the car takes form from osage orange wood, tie rods are hickory and for the metal rack and pinion as well as impressive spiders for the composite 19” – and 20” wheels unit has loads of plywood which has been laid and press laminated in-house.

In a nutshell, this beast in wooden avatar has almost everything other than engine and transmission is made of wood or contain wood parts.

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