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Understanding the most common causes of motorcycle accidents

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Owning a motorcycle gives you the opportunity to get out on the open road and enjoy an exhilarating ride whenever you like. With that said it’s important to be safe as you tour around on your motorcycle so as not to wind up in an accident. So what are the most common causes of motorcycle accidents? There are a few common causes, let’s take a closer look in hopes that you may be able to avoid an accident in the future.

How common are motorcycle accidents?


Before we discuss the most common accidents, it’s important to stress just how often motorcycle accidents are happening. Robert Hamparyan, a personal injury lawyer in San Diego, states that there are more than 500 people in California who are either seriously injured or killed each year, just in that one state. That doesn’t even take into account minor accidents! Numbers like that are important to be aware of so that you can focus on safety while you are on your motorcycle.

It’s also important to point out that motorcycle accidents tend to be much more serious as far as injuries go. In other words, if you are in an accident, you have a very high probability that it will lead to serious injury at best.

What are the common factors involved?

Now that we know how common accidents are, it’s time to take a look what is causing them in most cases.

  • Left-Hand Turns by Cars

This is an incredibly common cause of motorcycle accidents. A car can be making a left hand turn, not see you on your motorcycle, and end up hitting you. This is even more common if the motorcycle is trying to pass the car or is going straight through the intersection as the car is turning. Obviously, it’s wise to proceed through intersections with caution and be sure to stick to your lane and not pass until you’ve cleared the intersection.

  • A Head-On Collision

Just as this is a common cause of car accidents, it’s also common with motorcycles. It could be a motorcycle hits another motorcycle, or a car may be involved. Unfortunately, due to the force of these accidents they tend to be fatal to the motorcyclist.

  • A Car Enters Your Lane


Very often drivers of cars just don’t see motorcyclists, especially if they are in their blind spot. A common accident is to have a car change lanes and hit the motorcycle in the process.

  • Your Motorcycle Hits Gravel

This is more common if you are riding along a winding road that has blind corners. Should your motorcycle hit gravel, leaves, or sand, you can find yourself in an accident as you lose control. Your best approach on winding roads with blind corners is to slow down and be cautious as you take those turns.

It pays to be safe

With so many potential causes of accident surrounding you on the road, it pays to be safe and cautious at all times as a motorcyclist.

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