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Taking care of your home on wheels

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Recreational vehicles need a lot more care than your regular cars or trucks. Also known as motored homes, these will not only give you the benefit of moving around, they will also provide you with the same feeling of being at home.

There are many companies in the market that cater to the various needs of motor home owners, one such company that provides various kinds of motor home services is justgo.uk.com/motorhome-service.html. Mentioned below are a few essential tips to keep your RV in top shape.


The heart of your vehicle should be given proper checkups. Regularly check the nuts and bolts on the engine, make sure there is no loose components and leakage around the engine. Checking the oil levels and regularly changing it will boost the engine’s life and performance. Run the engine once in a while if your RV is sitting idle for more than a month in the garage.


The generator of your motor home is one of the crucial parts. Keeping it idle for a long period might cause it to not function properly. If not used for more than 30 days, then the gasoline in the generator can damage various components like the carburetor. This is why it is recommended to run your RV’s generator for 2 hours every month this will also help improve the life of the generator. Professional servicing is also recommended to ensure that your generator is working fine and for regular oil change.

Wheels and tires

RV’s tires and wheels are equally important as the engine. Make sure that the tires are having the right pressure and all are in good condition. You also need to check for wear and tear of the tires especially during the rainy and cold season. It is also advisable to check the rim for any dents or deformation. The lug nuts need to be checked for their tightness.

We all know how important it is to have good shock absorbers while driving on bad roads. Ensure that you get them checked and replaced when needed.  The wheel alignment should be done every three months for better handling of the vehicle. The brakes pads of your homes on wheels needs to be checked regularly and should be replaced once in a year.

Battery and wiring

The battery should be cleaned often, check for corrosion on the battery case. You also need to ensure that every 3 months you get the electrolyte level inspected. Check the alternator, generator and distributor for accumulated dust and dirt, and get it cleaned regularly. This will help in the prevention of any damage in the power supply to your home on wheels. The wiring in the engine should be checked for any loose contact, the wires will melt due to prolonged exposure to heat so it would be recommended to get them replaced if needed.

Roof, windows and doors

The roof of your RV is susceptible to sun and water damages. It is recommended to get the roof checked twice in a year to ensure that it is alright. The seams and seals of the roof should check and repaired if they are damaged. Once in every three months, check the seals around windows and doors to ensure that there is no deterioration on them and they are fitting properly.

Fluid levels

Check the fluid levels of the coolant, oils, brake fluid, LP gas, gray water tanks, black water tanks and battery acid. Make sure everything is proper. The automatic transmission fluid level is the most important; it is mostly red in color. If you notice that it has become brown then it is advisable to replace it immediately. The fresh water tanks also should be checked and sanitized regularly.

Air Conditioning

The air conditioning vents should be checked regularly for cracks. If your RV is sitting idle keep the vents open so that the temperature won’t damage the interiors. Keep in mind that the RV should be kept inside a garage or a shed. Before taking the RV out, clear the vents if any nests or debris in it.


Check all the lights for tightness and proper functioning. There are various lights you will find in motored homes, you need to ensure that all the lights are working properly. It is also advisable to carry a few extras during your trip just in case you need it.


Though you take good care of the RV it needs a professional care once in a while, because there are a lot of parts in the RV that an inexperienced person cannot repair or replace. Professional servicing every six months is also advisable. You can service the RV through your manufacturer or through any authorized service centers.

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