4 Human Transporter Concepts Better Than Segways

Toyota Winglet

Inspired by Segways, a number of EHT (electric human transporter) concepts have sprouted. Much better than the original Segway, most of them feature a lightweight built and compactness to make them easier to carry around. All of them are 100% eco-friendly, contain advanced industrial gearbox and are operated on electricity. Here are four of the best electric human transportation concepts that enhance the personal riding experience initiated by Segways.

4 EHT Concepts Improving Over Segways

  1. Orbis
    Image Source : psipunk.com

    With a single wheel, the Orbis concept is planned to solve transport and congestion problems to some extent. Not only the Segway-like Orbis is compact but is also foldable, which means you can use it wherever and whenever you like. You can easily disassemble Orbis and store the parts in a bag to tag it along while on a trip. The electric powered Orbis weighs merely 25lbs only.
    Gyroscopes used in the electric HT (Human Transporter) help in maintaining balance. Designed to carry a single person, the electric HT is able to hit a top speed of 22kmph. The vehicle is available in a number of colors, including red and green.
    Image Source : robrady.com

    Targeted at transportation and consumer-product markets, ROBRADY is a double wheel, self-balancing EHT. ROBRADY boasts rear tilted spray guards and a progressive fender design for providing the best comfort possible.
    The electric human transporter also comes with repeated wheel accents that help in creating sturdy radial elements. Available in 2 colorful variants, ROBRADY features detailed tires that add to the overall look and feel of the EHT.
  3. Concept Centaur
    Concept Centaur
    Image Source : segway.cz

    A new way of 4-wheel transportation is the Concept Centaur. The project brings together a number of tested technologies into a single EHT. The electric human transporter makes use of dynamic stabilization along with a natural user interface to provide a personal 2-wheel and 4-wheel ride. Concept Centaur features a thumb throttle to switch easily between forward and backward propulsion that sits on the right-side handlebar. The vehicle allows a rider to assume three distinct riding positions supported by its short and compact wheelbase. Concept Centaur features smart steering, which allows the rider to turn rear wheels as he/she finds best.

The rear wheels follow in the footsteps of the front wheel angles, all to provide a smooth transition between the 2-wheel and 4-wheel driving modes. The Centaur is powered by batteries, which are charged while decelerating through regenerative braking technology. Noise-free electric motors and an innovative gearbox design help to achieve a silent operation. The electric human transporter comes with non-marking silica-based low-impact tires. These aid advanced users to show off maneuvers with the ride without worrying to leave a heavy impact on the ground.
Concept Centaur features a profile X-shape that makes it attractive. 2 shockers in the front and 1 in the rear allow the vehicle to absorb all the bumps and shocks to ensure a smooth riding experience. The vehicle does not produce any kind of emissions and is totally nature-friendly. The 4-wheel EHT bike weighs only 150 pounds and can be easily carried on the back of a small, car using a bicycle rack.

  1. Toyota Winglet
    Toyota Winglet
    Image Source : tctechcrunch2011

    Available in 3 different variants, Toyota Winglet is an EHT with a top speed of 3.7mph. Based on the weight shifting, Toyota Winglet is able to slow down and stop automatically. The 3 variants of Toyota Winglet are S, M and L. While L features a handlebar, S and M provides leg braces for steering the electric human transporter.
    The lightweight vehicle can be easily moved from one place to other, thanks to its compact and light build. Toyota Winglet is powered by electricity and is 100% eco-friendly.


The latest improvements in electric human transportation suggest that a number of efficient EHTs might be just around the corner. Better keep looking.

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