Three Ways To Customize Your Muscle Car, Jeep, Or Truck


When you make the decision to buy an American car, jeep, or truck, one of the benefits that you can realize is that there are going to be a lot more parts available for them than there will be for many models that are made by foreign manufacturers.

So when it comes to customizing a muscle car or truck, there will also be more channel options for buyers. Here are the three of the most popular ways for people to get started customizing their American vehicle:

Work with the dealer


Although you won’t find the range of aftermarket parts available through the dealer, you will find that what they will add on from the manufacturer’s catalog is warranted along with the car. This type of arrangement can extend to major upgrades. If you upgrade the engine to a stronger model, the upgraded engine will normally also be warranted through the dealer until it reaches the age or mileage that the original engine was warranted for.

So, you can make some changes to parts mentioned in manufacturer’s catalog, which is the official upgrade kit.

Use an Internet Supplier


Most of the customizations in the United States are done outside the milieu of the manufacturer’s catalog. This is because each manufacturer leaves room for third-party part makers to create themes and special upgrades that can add a lot of value to the models that are popular to upgrade.

Turn 5 & Steven Voudouris, one of their energetic leaders, have created an Internet empire that is based upon the company and its staff living the products that they sell. Each employee is given thousands of dollars in cash and incentive to buy an American car and start to upgrade it. The concept, according to Steven Voudouris, CEO, is to pull new workers towards expert level understanding of the products that they sell to people.

The return for their company has been quite good. If you go online to upgrade your part at a Turn 5 company, you will be invited right away to meet a customer service specialist that already has the same amount of auto customizing experience that you do because they live what they sell. And that makes for an overall better online experience when you go to upgrade your Mustang or Jeep.

Use an Automotive Parts Supplier


If you are an expert at upgrading and just need to pick up a part without doing any planning or quality comparisons based on actual performance, stopping by an automotive parts retailer should give you access to some parts that will upgrade your muscle car, Jeep, or truck.

Ultimately, using a parts supplier is often more fruitful for parts that are part of your vehicle’s normal maintenance cycle.

Customizing an American car can increase its value over the long term when you stick with one supplier and create an overall upgrade based upon a theme. This can be done through the manufacturer, and to a greater extent through an online customization parts firm.

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