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Maximizing car sale price while parting with your treasured auto

by Dr Prem Community Writer

When it comes to selling your car, you can do to certain things to make sure you get the best resale value possible. One of the most important parts of any car sale, and one of the first things potential buyers will look at, is the condition of the bodywork.

The overall look of your car and any visible damage will give your prospective buyer an idea of what to expect from the vehicle.

Dents in the bodywork


You can clean and polish your car to a beautiful sheen; but, if there are any dents, the eye will automatically be drawn to them. Those small bumps or nudges that your car has gone through may add character in your eyes, but buyers will spot them and see them as future problems for them to deal with. The force of the impact that caused the dent could have damaged the paint, leaving it vulnerable to the elements and rust.

Find the body shop Reseda nearest to me for auto body and paint repairs that will maximize the sale value of your vehicle. A reputable body shop certified to I-CAR standards will be able to smooth out those dents easily and when they have finished, the ding will be a thing of the past. Dented car panels could give the impression that you do not care for your car. If you left dents in the doors, what else have you neglected? Dents are normally a quick fix for any experienced body shop. Getting it fixed by professionals will make sure you don’t make it any worse or damage the paint or panel further.

Scratches in the paintwork


Any scratches on your car make the bodywork vulnerable to moisture and rust. The small, minor scratch on the hood could cause the paint to bubble, as rust forms underneath. What was once a tiny mark now becomes an eyesore. Small scratches and marks on the paint will be a potential negative to any buyers looking at your car. These will affect the overall price you can ask for and will be a bargaining tool for a discount for anyone that wants to buy it.

Dealing with the scratch as soon as possible will make sure you don’t have a bigger problem to fix later. A body shop with PPG certified paint technicians will be able to match the color of your car perfectly to make that scratch seem like it never happened. Using a computerized color matching system, a body shop mechanic will be able to use the factory original paint shade, to make the car look like new.

A car that has immaculate bodywork and looks to be in generally good condition will give the impression of a car that has been taken care of.

It may seem counterproductive to spend money on a car you intend to sell but a well-presented car is going to fetch a better asking price. Using a body shop to get your car in its best shape will allow you to ask top price for your vehicle. Presenting a car with good bodywork gives any potential buyer a great first impression and less for them to deal with once they have bought it.

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