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Ford Excursion disguised as Mercedes GL faced Limo hits eBay for $29,500

It’s an eBay find of the day, let me tell you before I explain what exactly this Limo is all about. Yes, on sale at eBay, this car bears a Mercedes Benz badge but woefully it has nothing to do with Stuttgart-based brand. It’s a Ford Excursion instead, which is disguised to look like a Mercedes-Benz GL-Class at front. However, before that look was added, the maker stretched the Ford Excursion considerably to give it a limousine makeover.

Ford Excursion, as we all know, is the largest SUV in Ford’s lineup. Based on the Super Duty pickup truck platform, the SUV was build during the period of 2000 to 2006. Its comparatively long wheelbase is apt for the Limousine makeover. Hence, the pursuit of a different limousine gave the artist impetus to convert it into a timeless beauty that, in the words of the maker, will give you an opportunity to stay on the top of your competition.

If you are convinced with his words, check out eBay page to bid for this Mercedes Benz GL faced Ford Excursion Limousine. The asking price is US $29,500 and its current bid is at US $20,000, with 11 more hours remaining for bid to be open.

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