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Blinged wheels: BMW X5 M gets a gilded makeover

I can’t make it out what is it that makes wealthy people give their car a gold wrap. May be, they are just inclined too much into showing how wealthy they are. Nevertheless, the gold plated BMW X5 M pictured here is already a beast with those 555 ponies roaring under the hood, enabling the muscular car to take merely 4.7 seconds to reach 100km from a standstill.

The BMW’s Sports Activity vehicle (SAV) X5 M (having E70 as development name) shines in bling and it’s not clad in gold sticker or gold chrome either, but real gold. The classic architecture embezzled with gold accents to give the owner that sheer arrogance to flaunt his prized possession. What I really call as ‘Trophy car’ that one drives to a special occasion with his held high, this makeover is only for those who have piles of cash around and that’s just catching dust and particularly if you are the one screaming for all that attention.

Via: Autoevolution / Smotra

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