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Motor Rhythms: A drum set made of used car parts

We usually come across some unique creations created out of scrap auto parts. There are a few, however, that remain in your mind for a long time and something you really appreciate from the core of your heart. Introducing you here with one such creation from an auto mechanic that you can’t help but appreciate.

The drum set you see here is the creation of Jordan Hill from southern California who is a drummer and works as an auto mechanic during daytime. So, it’s but obvious that he has a sound knowledge of auto parts and how they can be used to create a drum set. Jordan names his creation as Motor Rhythms and describes it as an experiment in sound, blending percussion with automotive salvage. The drum set takes form out 40 used car parts.

The used car goodies from the car’s parts bin that make the coherent whole of this DIY drum set include everything from two gas tank bass drums to flywheel hi-hat cymbals, coolant reservoir drums, a set of pulley bells and many more. The Motor Rhythms as an art creation brings in a new interpretation for car enthusiasts who see art in design, in engine sounds and driving thrill that they offer, and it’s pretty awesome.


Via: Motorrhythms / Sympatico

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