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This wooden car is a sheer gory mess

After the first look at the vehicle, I just couldn’t find words to describe the impression it made on my mind. Well, you too won’t even be able to describe it. If you do, please let me know in the comments what was the first word you uttered. Did it make you go WTF? Waiting to hear from you!

I don’t even make it out what was in the mind of the creator when he imagined and gave form to such a weird car. Nevertheless, after contemplating for a long time, I will call it nothing short of gory mess and the scary details of the car will make you rhyme with me.

What seem to be apple boxes cocoon the cabin of this open top car from all four sides and you have to climb or jump into the car since there are no doors. Adding more to the weird details of this jalopy is a steering wheel made out of the cast-iron gear, carburetor’s cap is a part of cow milking machine, cow motif sits on the dashboard and we don’t wonder if outboard milk cans serve as fuel tanks. All these details are enough to remind the occupants what was the inspiration behind creating such a wacky machine.

The machine seems to house a reasonably modern V8 under the hood to propel it. While not all is missed at the security front and you can see tires with tread, clasps for lap belts with inertia reels at the front to make you feel, though little, safe in this car that if collided or rolled over can prove fatal to us immortals. This one-off-kind wacky creation with plough equipments at the rear was spotted in Minnesota and is one of the weirdest cars we have ever come across.

Jabra_Gallardo5 001

Via: TMR

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