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Metal Harley motorcycle sculpture is collector’s delight

Miniature auto sculptures are nothing new to auto enthusiasts. However, they create a rage and loved so much that people are ready to shell out any amount on them. The metal Harley motorcycle sculpture pictured above is sure to top the collector’s list and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful sculptures of the monster bike ever created.

This one-off-a-Kind Harley motorcycle sculpture isn’t built in a day but took the creator seven months and over 300 of labor hours to give form to this amazing piece of art. The sculpture that measures six inches wide, twelve inches long and forty inches tall is totally hand build using sheet metal, pipefittings, and various hardware.

The sculpture is fashioned out of steel including moving wheels and comes complete with functioning lights that get power from 12-volt battery. The real masterpiece that you will see in amazement and will appreciate features a little storage tank built in the fender and weighs 150lbs.

1956 GMC Custom Milk Truck

Via: Etsy

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