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3 Tips For Keeping Your Car Safe When Parked

by Dr Prem Community Writer

While it’s important that you know how to take good care of your car when it comes to maintenance and safety on the road, you also need to know how to keep your car secure when you’re not driving it. During the times when your car is parked and you’re nowhere in sight, you want to be confident that your car isn’t necessarily in danger of being damaged, vandalized, or stolen out from under you. So to help reduce the chances of any of these things happening, here are three tips for keeping your car safe when parked.

Know The Best Places To Park


Just like it’s always a good idea to have someone to keep an eye on your real estate property, you also want to keep as many eyes on your vehicle as possible when it’s parked. With this in mind, if you’re having to park your car in public, Brent Minderler, a contributor to YourMechanic.com, recommends that you choose an area that’s well lit and that has a lot of foot traffic going by. By choosing to park in a location that has both of these two qualities, you’ll drastically reduce the chance of your car being broken into, as no thinking burglar wants to do his criminal work in a well-lit area or when there are lots of eyes who could see what he’s up to.

Think About The Positioning Of Your Wheels

In addition to parking in an area that has a lot of light around it and is in a well-traveled part of town, you should also be thinking about how you’ve positioned your car before you get out of it. According to Luke John Smith, a contributor to Express, the way your car’s wheels are turned toward the curb or toward the other cars you’ve parked by could make it less of a target for being stolen. If the thief would have to make multiple maneuvers to get your car out of its parking spot or away from the curb, that could prohibit the thief from making a quick and sneaky getaway. Because of this, a car thief will think twice about stealing your car if it’s parked in a difficult position.

Hide Your Valuables


Before you leave your car unattended, there are a few things you should do to keep your car safe while you’re away. While locking your car’s doors will help to keep people out, you also should try to make your car look unappealing by hiding away any and all valuables. To best do this, TheNewsWheel.com suggests that you put everything you can into your trunk. If you leave things on your floor, seats, or in the center console—even if those things aren’t worth much—they can make your car more of a target for thieves looking for a quick grab.

To help you keep your car from getting broken into or stolen, consider using the tips mentioned above to increase the safety of your car while it’s parked. 

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