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5 Tips to Deal With Car Insurance After An Accident

by Dr Prem Community Writer

Unfortunately, accidents can happen while on the road. There can be many physical, emotional and financial impacts of an accident. It will take some time to get over the shock. However, you will need to manage the logistical aspects right away. After a car accident, it is important to handle the insurance claim the right way. Insurance companies employ numerous tactics to avoid paying accident victims the full amount they are due. An accident victim must be vigilant in dealing with the car insurance company. Without this vigilance, you will be taken advantage of. Here are 5 tips to deal with car insurance after an accident.

 Notify The Police

Notify The Police

In the aftermath of the accident, make sure to contact not only your insurance, but the police. A police report can be invaluable in determining fault and providing insurers information. Without such information, the insurer will start making assumptions. These assumptions will be in their favor and not yours. In certain states, if the accident is determined to be your fault, it can affect how much the insurance pays out. As such, a police report can greatly affect how you end up dealing with an insurance company. 

Do Your Research

As you begin to deal with the accident, do your own research to double check the insurance companies claims. Under no circumstances take any fact the insurance company gives you at face value. Having your own estimates for the repair will ensure that you can judge the insurance adjuster repair cost objectively. Feel free to get several quotes to do this, you have the right to locate as many as you please. Doing your own research will help protect you from being swindled. 

Get A Lawyer

Get A Lawyer

Do not sign anything or give any statements until you talk to lawyer. This is one of the most important steps to take after being involved in an accident. Especially if you are injured in a vehicle accident, you should speak with an attorney about your situation. The insurance company will attempt to use legal documents to void your claim. As a result, legal advice is essential to getting through. If you are invited in to give a statement, no matter how trivial the company makes it sound, have your lawyer there. Equally, do not sign anything, no matter how straightforward it looks, without having a lawyer look at it first. Protect yourself as thoroughly as you can. 

Don’t Accept the First Offer

When the insurance company makes a settlement offer, don’t accept it right away. It is likely that the offer is low. According to car accident lawyer George C. Malonis, “After an accident, insurance companies will try to get you to agree to a settlement as soon as possible. Often, these offered settlements are far less than you need to deal with the financial ramifications of the car accident.” The insurance company knows that you are likely under stress from the accident. They hope you will take a quick offer before additional injuries or damages are uncovered. Check the offer thoroughly and refuse it if it is not enough. Any offer should also be checked with a lawyer. 

Take Your Time

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As you negotiate with the insurance company remember that time is on your side. Depending on the state you have between one or two years to make your claim. The insurance company wants to settle the claim quickly. As a result, they will put a lot of pressure on you to take a deal quickly. Stand firm against this. Wait to determine if you have long-term injuries or if your car has some unresolved issue. There are many reasons to wait on settling your car accident case. The time burden is on the insurance company. Do not let them turn that into a weapon.

These tips will protect you while dealing with insurance companies after an accident. Get a police report of the accident to fill in details and establish fault. Do your own research to check the insurance company’s numbers. You should have your own estimate of the damage. Especially if you have an injury, get a lawyer to help you get your fair due. Do not take the first settlement offered, as it is probably low. Take your time, you have years to handle the settlement and ensure that you are healthy along the way. These tips will help ensure you get the maximum settlement after your accident by dealing strategically with the insurance companies.

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