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Ways to Sell Your Car

5 Best Ways to Sell Your Car

by Dr Prem Community Writer

Selling a car can be a tedious process. You’ll want to get the best possible price but this means doing a lot of preparation work and dealing with people calling you up at all times of the day.

More often than not you’ll simply be asked a question to which they should already know the answer, it can be frustrating!

In reality, you want to sell your car fast, with a minimum of fuss, and yet still get the best possible price. This is actually possible!

1. Car Buying Service

Car Buying Service

Take a look online and you’ll find buying services that will help you to sell my car fast. You’ll be amazed at how fast the process is.

All you need to do is make an appointment with them and take all your vehicle documents, along with some ID. They’ll inspect your vehicle and make you an offer immediately. If you decide to accept you can leave your vehicle there and walk away with the funds, or you can think about it for several days, the offer will usually remain the same for 30 days.

Of course, the price isn’t quite as good as what you would get from a private sale but you do avoid all the hassle and have the cash to purchase your next vehicle with.

2. Part Exchange

If you’re selling your car in order to purchase a different one then you may want to see what the dealer will offer you. Most dealers have a guide book for the value of vehicles and will happily give you that amount knocked off the price of your next vehicle.

Again, you won’t see the rewards you get when selling a car privately but it is almost as fast as selling to the car buying service.

 3. Sell to a Dealer

Sell to a Dealer

Another option, especially if your vehicle is comparatively new, is to sell it back to the dealer.

Providing it has been well looked after and the dealer thinks they’ll be able to sell it on they will make you an offer. The offer won’t be as good as what you paid for it, they know what you paid, but it is an effective way to get rid of your vehicle and get some money.

4. Auction

Auctioning vehicles has been a staple of the small dealer for many years but you can do it as a private individual. The disadvantage of auctioning is that you can only set a reserve price, this will need to be the bottom figure you’re prepared to accept.

Anything over that is a bonus.

All you do is book the vehicle in and take it to the auction house on the designated date. Make sure it looks as good as possible and all the documentation is with it that will encourage people to bid.

Of course, there is no guarantee that it will sell, this will depend greatly on the price you want/need.

5. Private Sale

Private Sale

This is the least convenient option but one that is likely to get you the best price. You’ll need to take your time washing and waxing the vehicle to make it look its best. You may even want to get any small faults sorted.

Then you’ll need to advertise and deal with phone calls, time wasters, and haggling until you find a buyer.

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