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Motor Capsule Motorcycle offers thrilling green rides with safety of a car

Bikes are loved all over the world for being the thrilling machines on two wheels. However, they aren’t all weather vehicles and provide least protection to rider from different weather conditions or in case of any collision whatsoever. The two-wheeled vehicle pictured above will rid bikes of these allegations as it firmly deals with all weather conditions and security concerns.

The brainchild of Athanasia Leivaditou, the design is named as Motor Capsule and is inspired from motorcycles, racing cars and aeronautics. Featuring a big capsule made of metal, carbon fiber and fiberglass to protect the driver’s body, Motor Capsule offers thrill of riding a bike with the safety of a car. The capsule or shell on the bike’s body is disconnected from the base in case of an accident and air bags open in the interior to protect the rider from harm.

Designed as a safe vehicle with the flexibility and size of a motorbike, Motor Capsule offers you easy commute with less fuel consumption and its compact size enables you to park it in minimal space. For stability of the bike, there are two wheels upfront and comfort is ensured with a racing car seat. Additionally, floating door, seat belt and metal mesh for the protection of the cabin are some of the prominent features.

Apart from its compactness and safety features, the concept vehicle also has eco friendly credentials as it features hybrid powertrain that makes it an ideal vehicle for the future wherein environment pollution and availability of fuels will be a big challenge.


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