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Oldest 1903 built Ford Model A hits RM auction

If you have love for antique cars and have enough coffers to support your desire, then this oldest known surviving Ford car is for you. Meticulously restored to its former glory, this 1903 Ford Model A is one of the first three cars Ford motor company has ever produced. Having a long history and possessed by five owners in a span of 109 years, the Ford Model A model was bought by John O’Quinn in 2007 for a cool $693,000 which amounts to 81,000% more than its original $850 price tag.

The car in question, Ford Model A I mean, was quipped with100-cu.in two-cylinder engine at the time of its manufacturing that delivered a meager 8hp, perhaps less than what your current lawnmower offers. With a wheelbase of 72 inches, the four-seater car many not sound a good tune to power and speed lovers but that’s surely not a consideration for the lovers of antique beauties on Wheels. Moreover, it’s more a piece of art from the history and anyone who will own it won’t surely do much of the cruising in it. If you want to enter you name as the sixth owner of this piece of art from the bygone era, you can bid for it at RM auctions that has placed a $300,000 to $500,000 pre-auction estimate on this 1903 built model.

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