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Paper Tiger: Monster Craft Customizable Paper Model

If you think the paper plane or a boat you made for your toddler are impressive, think again because the paper craft model made using nothing but sticky tape, glue and 44 A4 pages is more than impressive. After amazing us with his paper model of Bugatti Veryon, which was, indeed, a masterpiece, now the Seattle based artist Taras Lesko AKA the Visual Spicer comes up with Monster Craft – a customizable paper model. Just a look at the paper model will really make you appreciate the creative hands and imagination that he gave a form.

It took over 300 hours for Lesko to make this amazing piece of art and the whole process was marked with meticulously creating 12 interchangeable kits for two standard paper sizes and choosing an attractive color scheme to finally give form to this amazing art that you need to carefully park in your home. Just hit past the jump to check out the animated instructional video to know how this how this paper beast came into being.


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