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Autohome Maggiolina Carbon Fiber roof top tent for avid campers

For those of you avid camping fans who can’t afford to buy camper or a trailer for the purpose, guys at Maggiolina have come up with Carbon Fiber Rooftop Camper Tent. The lightweight, stronger yet better camper tent solution for your outdoor excursions features carbon fiber upper and lower shells for the improved strength and lightweight, whereas the sleek aerodynamic stance ensures minimum wind resistance on the move.

The contraption can be easily fitted to the existing rails or roof bars of your vehicle without asking to fit any special equipment. The roof mounted tent is spacious providing ample space for one individual to sleep with ease in wilderness. The fabric used in the making of the tent is Dralon from Bayer Textiles which is waterproof and windproof. The carbon fiber box, on the other, is very light in weight that too without compromising in strength and sustainability.

On the top of this, the tent allows the easy breathability with respiration of moisture that might otherwise cause discomfort. If you think you need to spend too much for this, it doesn’t come too expensive. The small camper with the capacity for two people asks you to shell out $4,799 and the bigger one with ample space for two adults and a child comes with a price tag of $5,599, excluding shipping charging.


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