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XCOR releases first photos of Lynx supersonic aircraft

With the release of the Lynx supersonic aircraft images by XCOR, a California-based flight firm, the space race is heating up yet again. XCOR claims the speed of the supersonic aircraft is in excess of 2500mph which will enable the superfast aircraft to take passenger from New York to Tokyo in just one and half hours. The aircraft will fly 62 miles above the earth surface but will take off and land on a runway in a similar way as a 747s of today do.

Lynx supersonic aircraft will be what XCOR claims the fastest commercial aircraft ever since Concorde took to the sky. The plans to build the Lynx supersonic aircraft were actually announced in 2008. The aircraft is under construction and will cost approximately $10 million by the time it’s fully developed. The flights between New York and Tokyo will commence within next 20 years with 45-minute round-trip flight costing a massive $95,000 each passenger.

The challenger of Virgin’s Galactic spaceships, XCOR Lynx supersonic aircraft’s test flights to start in the early 2013. The test flights are reported to last for a duration of 12 to 18 months. Lynx supersonic will be a two-seater craft and it will be a reusable space plane which will be capable of making four trips per day.


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