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Mitsubishi Magna gets green wrap with AstroTurf in Australia

I think the gear heads surely eat some crazy salad with their food that instigates them to give their vehicles strange makeovers. The case seems nothing different with the Australian owner of this car who is either excessively in love with nature or too bored with his Mitsubishi Magna. But unlike many wacky cars from some of the top custom chop shops, the one pictured above isn’t too weird.

What looks like the greenest car you might have seen so far, the Australian owner gives his Mitsubishi Magna a green makeover not by using real turf but AstroTurf. The Australian-spec Mitsubishi Magna is entirely draped, like a conventional wrap, in AstroTurf covering the whole lot of the car’s body. This 98 make Mitsubishi Magna with automatic transmission and 218,179 on the speedometer got our eye at eBay with its bid ending on $910. We wish good luck for the guy to own a car that’s different. However, he should prepare himself for some quirky jokes and finger pointing.

Via: Autoevolution

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