In photos: Gold plated cars from China

Gold plated cars were formally spotted in the oil and gas rich Russia as well as in the gulf since the petrodollars oozing from the bosom of earth really made people uber-rich. With the immense wealth came the desire to get noticed and even scream more for that cheap attention every time they hit the road. However, the focus seems to shift to Asia now as a herd of gilded cars, gold plated in particular, originating from China not only show Chinese penchant for gold plated iron beauties but also reveal increasing wealth of bourgeois class. There are too many cars covered – fully or partially – in gold spotted in China in the recent past. We have compiled the list of such car. Hit past the jump to check out the blinged wheels from China.

Gold plated Camaro SS

Gold plated Audi A6L

Gold plated Ferrari 458 Italia

Gold plated Nissan GT-R

Gold plated BMW M3

Gold plated Lamborghini Gallardo LP-560 2

Gold plated Nissan GTR

Gold plated Porsche Boxster S

Gold plated Rolls-Royce Ghost

Gold plated Audi TT

Gold plated Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster

Ferrari F430 with gold wheels  

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