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Torafu Architects’ Speedshop Type One workshop betrays conventional looks

Generally, the scene at any auto repair shop is all about dark grease patches here and some there, oil spilling, auto parts disheveled all over and tools scattered here and there. However, this isn’t the case at ‘Speedshop Type one’ workshop located in the Ogikubo area of Tokyo, Japan. Torafu Architect designs the workshop, which specializes in Honda vehicles, to function as a display area as well as body shop.

After the renovation work was carried over, the Type one workshop looks like a showroom to welcome the clients, sans any mess which is so common on any workshop across the world. The design is meant to maximize the working space and removing almost everything non-essential elements to focus on servicing functionality. The renovation work includes skylights fixed tidily with aluminum panels for providing more natural light and strip lights that go down the ceiling in two narrow lines.

The cement bonded wood stripes cover the walls of the workshop and there is an addition of a partition wall that hides mess in storage space to make it look clean and tidy. Also, the grey car lifts jell with the wall and ceiling while at the same time extra care has been taken to treat the old elements to blend with the new ones. The push carts and trolleys have also been redesigned to move the tools and painted grey to match the interior as well as other things to create the symbolic space that also serves as a promotional area.

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