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US Army’s Jorga tugboat relives as floating luxury home in London

For freaky minds who always strive to do something special rather than usual, the world is full of opportunities. This is the case with Phil Wallis, 58, upped sticks from Crouch End, North London. This man betrays his five-bedroom home to live in a US Navy boat called Jorga in Port Werburgh in Hoo, Kent for the last five years.

Phil Wallis who is a semi retired newspaper worker bought the Jorga tugboat, which served in the Vietnam, for a cool £100,000 and spent another £40,000 to transform it into a luxury floating home. He now enjoys spectacular sunsets on the waves and can fish for his dinner.

The former Navy boat that took two-and-a-half years for the complete transformation measures 107ft by 26ft. The floating luxury home is now complete with sunken bath tub, kitchen, master bedroom, lounge, a conservatory, a spiral staircase and what not but everything that a luxury freak would love.

The transformation is marked with knocking down the walls to pave the way for more space, re-carpeting the whole thing and freshening up the wall with 80 liters of gray paint and 60 liters of green paint. Phil pays £400 a month for mooring and everything else runs on a diesel delivered to him by a special fuel ship. After the conversion, Phil rates his awesome floating home at a staggering £350,000 but says he has no plans to sell it anytime soon.

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