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1:48 Volkswagen Beetle shaped chicken poop is one wacky thing

Volkswagen beetle chicken Poop 9

While there is no reason for any auto nerd to go crazy and come up with his/her whacky creation, we, the less creative souls, just sit in wonder and watch their creations while contemplating what and how they are? While there is no dearth of crazy auto nerds who go to extreme imagining and giving forms to their ideas with their creative self; however, pictured above is one-off-a kind. We felt inclined to introduce it with you, so this thing finds place on autochunk.

The creator might seem excessively in love with Volkswagen Beetle which is unquestionably the longest running and most manufactured car on a single platform worldwide and creates something unusual and funny taking inspiration from the same. What he comes out with is a meticulously crafted to the details, 1:48 scale model of Volkswagen Beetle which serves as chicken coop.

Created by Justin McCoy who took inspiration from Paul Overton who posted some photos of chicken coop built into an old Volkswagen Beetle, the creator crafted the 1:48 scale model which is carefully duplicated into minor form to give shape to this chicken poop. Check out the images of this creation after the jump.

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