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Subaru converts mini cars into parts of orchestra to demonstrate ‘Eyesight’

subaru-mini-cars to demonstrate eyesight

While we saw some unique advertisements in the past to convey the message across, Subaru takes it to a whole new level the way technologies are demonstrated. You read it right. First of its kind, Subaru equips a lot of mini cars with a pair of forwarding facing stereoscopic cameras to demonstrate its collision-avoidance technology called ‘Eyesight’.

What’s even more enticing is the fact that tiny cars were also added with speakers that make different sounds to show the technology in action and create unique music player thereby converting the cars into parts of orchestra. Those of you who don’t know anything about Subaru’s Eyesight let me tell you that the collision avoidance system makes cars aware of their surrounding by creating alerts whenever the driver is too close to another object. This helps avoid an accident in chaotic environment.

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The demonstration shows a white cube on the ground that causes all the cars to stop before they collide with each other. Once the object is removed, the mini Subarus take their different routes but not without composing music.

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