Lazzarini Design yanks Ferrari 458 Italia heartbeat to convert Fiat 500 into a little monster

Fiat 500 is undeniably a beautiful car, but unfortunately, not muscular or what we call as fast. Not anywhere close to the ‘fast’ category even! Well, those of you who love Fiat 500 because of its elegant design cues but feels irritated with its slow acceleration, there are some hardworking people at Lazzarini Design who converted it into a big monster instead.

Well, you might be thinking how big, and quite true! However, the Lazzarini Design chopped the most formidable 4.5-liter V8 heartbeat from Ferrari 458 Italia to fit into this tiny car to make it roar like a monster on the road. The powerplant, though, yanked to produce 550hp instead of 570hp that Ferrari 458 boasts; also, the length of transmission has been reduced.

Moreover, fitting Ferrari’s 4.5-liter V8 powerpant into a car as short as Fiat 500 wasn’t an easy thing. To make this possible, Lazzarini Design applied a widebody kit that extended its wheelbase by almost a foot, removed the back seats and installed the engine and transmission.

With the whole conversion, the little monster weighs 2,200 pounds that also include ballast on both corner used to keep the vehicle on the ground. However, the manufacture is looking for investment to fund its project and estimated the whole thing to cost $550,000 for the possible enthusiasts.

Via: Lazzarini Design



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