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Moveo – A folding e-scooter with a difference

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In a bid to save environment, the automakers from all over the world usually come up with compact, personal modes of transportation that not only help individuals eschew cars for personal use but also reach their destination in time with no or little effect whatsoever on the environment. Folding electric scooters aka e-scooters are one of them. However, the one we are to talk about in the following lines is different, really different than what you have seen so far.

Now you might surely be thinking what’s so special about this folding electric scooter. Ok, let me explain what makes it stand apart. The functioning prototype of the folding e-scooter dubbed as Moveo is created by Hungry based Antro Group. The Moveo folding electric scooter is propelled by two in-wheel electric motors that enables it reach a top speed of 45km/h. Its battery lasts for 35km per charge and takes merely one hour to charge fully. Featuring carbon composite body, the folding e-scooter weighs merely 25kg.

Once you reach the destination, you need not to look for the parking as it takes only two minutes to fold its body into two parts with its integrated handle allowing you to pull it like a suitcase to your workstation. On the top of this, it’s ‘Closed Design’ that protects you from its grubby bits, if any.

Antro Group is currently looking for funding to support the commercial development of Moveo folding scooter. The manufactures aims to start building 4,000 scooters in West Hungry by next year with its end user net price expected to remain at US$ 3,100 or $4,600. We hope to see it on road soon!

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