Livio De Marchi wooden art includes a Ferrari, Mercedes, Jaguar, VW and… more!

Livio De Marchi’s wooden Ferrari F50 boat

Wood has served as a medium for a long time to give fancy of artists an outlet. However, it’s never been so exclusively and meticulously used to create almost everything from a wooden leather jacket replica to book shelves, books, clothesline, lampshades, chandeliers and god knows what not but almost everything that a man uses in his day to day life.

The wooden creations come from the renowned wood artist, Livio De Marchi, who holds a degree in art and drawing from ‘Accademia di Belle Arti’. Livio De Marchi started his work with marble initially and shifted to bronze before finally opting wood as a medium to showcase his versatility.

Apart from one of the most creative wood artist, Livio De Marchi also have fancy for autos and his creation includes a wooden boats in the shape of Ferrari F50, Volkswagen Bug, Fiat Topolino, Jaguar 1937, Mercedes SL 300 and a Vespa scooter, each resembling the real deal every bit. All the pieces are in the original wood sans any paint as Livio believes that ‘the grain and knots of the plain wood are intriguing.

We believe that such great creations from all parts of life are real tough job and needs lots of time, hard work and, above all, a creative mind. Kudos to Livio De Marchi’s creations! No more words, let the images do rest of talking.

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