Lilicoptère – A pink Ostrich feathered, bejeweled Helicopter for French queen


Artists just think beyond priory and that’s the only reason they hit up with something that usually mesmerize everyone. Here is just another embodiment of what can really be deemed as the masterpiece. Created by the Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos as a homage to last French queen, Marie Antoinette, the Lilicoptère tries to portray how the late French would have traveled had she been alive today.

The bright pink helicopter is lavishly embellished with pink ostrich feathers and dazzling crystals, the Lilicoptère is all about the transformation of old tradition into a new object. The Lilicoptère was the part of the exhibition at the Palace of Versailles last year. Other than the gorgeous treatment outside, the treatment continues inside too. The interiors are decked with complex woodworks, gildings and its embroidered upholstery with Marie Antoinette’s initials. The pink treatment inside and out, the Lilicoptère is a sign of the rich lifestyle that French Queen was associated with.

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