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Price My Car Helps Car Buyers

Price My Car Helps Car Buyers Get The Best Deal

by Dr Prem Community Writer

Long gone are the days of haggling with a dealer about the price of a car, and having the dealer next door offer you an outlandishly different figure and having to repeat this foray to no foreseeable end. With the emergence of the internet and a swift uptake in internet shopping, car buyers turn to the world wide web to research and ultimately make a purchasing decision on the next vehicle they’ll buy.

 This means that nowadays, most automotive retailers and their affiliate dealers display their entire inventory and respective pricing online, whether on their website, classifieds, or an aggregator like CarGurus.

Did The Internet Make Buying Cars Simpler?

With such a high level of transparency, logically, consumers shouldn’t have to invest as much time and energy into their research to make sure they get the best deal on the car they want, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

 As mentioned in a recent research study by Price My Car – Australian consumers are still finding extraordinary price differences on the same vehicle models based on their state or territory of residence. The report specifically mentioned that “NSW consumers will pay on average 0.43% less for a car than the national average. However, NT is the most expensive state to buy a car with consumers paying 1.54% more than the national average.”

While the Australian government is slowly doing its part to make the automotive market more transparent, let’s take a look at what the current situation means for the average consumer — hours upon hours of research, visiting dealerships, and working to find the best price.

In short, the practical difference comes down to the fact that all of the tedious research you’d have to do as a buyer has now largely moved to the web, but has in no way disappeared or lessened.

All of the things we dread in the process of buying a car are still there. In fact, the internet brings an extra layer of complexity when it comes to buying a car. Dealers frequently forget to update their pricing while promotions and exclusive offers take place, confusing the already burdened potential buyers even more. Just imagine continuously having to deal with going online, finding several different prices for the same car in your area, and then being told by the dealer that the pricing (promotional or not) is out of date.

 So at this point, you might be asking yourself – how can a potential buyer find the best possible price on their car of choice without losing their marbles or investing dozens of hours into pain-staking push and pull with local dealers?

 Finding The Best Price On The Car You Want – The Easy Way

Price My Car Helps Car Buyers

Enter – Price My Car! This Australian company is on a mission to help prospective car buyers get the best possible deal on any vehicle sold in their area. 

The company provides its users with a database of real-time quotes from local dealers, including a list of what other people paid for the same model and configuration previously, alongside exclusive deals and discounts for Price My Car users. 

And the best part? It only takes 30 or so seconds to get started for free! Make an account and search – that’s it. 

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