Car Maintenance Tips That Can Prevent Big Repair Costs

Car Maintenance Tips

Cars, along with home and college education, are one of the most significant purchases made by consumers. But unlike real estate and bachelor’s degrees, cars are not an investment. Unless the purchase involves a pickup car in anticipation of a price increase, the vehicle is the cost- and is something that never ends.

In the long run, driving a car requires more than fuel. Regular maintenance and repair are necessary to ensure that your vehicle runs safely and efficiently and maintains resale value. With this in mind, here are some tips on how to keep your car in good working order at a minimal cost. 

1. Change the Air Filter Yourself:


This is one of the most comfortable car maintenance. The owner’s manual describes how and how often to do it (usually every 10,000 to 15,000 miles). Most air filter covers are easily accessible.

A typical replacement filter will cost between .10 and .20 dollarin a chain of auto parts stores, but more exotic brands will cost more than twice. The same is valid for replacing the windshield wiper. Buy them from parts stores like Pep Boys and O’Reilly, and employees often install them for free on the site. However, you can also replace it yourself by following the instructions givenon auto repair manuals of your vehicle. 

2. Find the Best Price:

When something like a muffler or water pump is damaged, most car owners take the car to the store and pay for what the mechanic says it will take to replace it. Please answer the phone before accepting the price.

They don’t have to look at the vehicle to give you a quote. You may be surprised at the price range, but there are more than 100 dollars. Even if the original diagnosis is charged, it’s best to take the car somewhere else. Or the first store can match the price of the competition to prevent it from walking. 

3. Make Liquids and Clean the Parameters:

Make Liquids and Clean the Parameters

The days when the fluid cost of the windshield was 99 cents per gallon are probably gone. But it is possible to do it at home even for less. The main ingredient is water, which is combined with low-cost additives such as alcohol and ammonia. Get washing machine recipes for windshields online. 

4. Rotate Your Free Tires:

Tires are not cheap, but if the mechanic spends more than 25 dollars a year to turn the tire to extend the tread life, take out the bill. Putting tires where they are now and paying to replace them a little more can often be an alternative to saving money.

If the need to act responsibly with respect to tires is always a concern, you need to know that many sellers spray tires, purchased in their store for free while many sellers are the owners of the vehicle.

In addition, many chain stores have revised their free brakes. To remove the four tires and check the brake parts, ask them to turn the tires while they are working. 

5. Replace the Mounting Parts simultaneously:


When the butt gasket is replaced, the mechanic usually replaces other elements, such as a distribution chain. This makes sense to take into account the amount of effort required to disassemble and reassemble the engine.

The same inference can also be applied to simple substitutions, such as starters and alternators. If a mechanic needs to remove many parts to reach the part that is causing the problem. Talk to the mechanic about the possibilities and negotiate a fair price for labor before you start working. 

6. Buy Used Parts:

Many car recyclers (also known as junkyards) remind you that all parts of your car are being used. The statement aims to counteract the skepticism that the installation of used parts is nonsense because the installation of used parts is likely to wear out quickly and must be removed with the same repair.

However, there are a lot of works that rarely wear out, and used parts are as good and much cheaper as new ones. Accessories and interior elements such as radio controls and mirrors are examples of parts you must buy second hand. They usually cost less than half of what they cost again. The reconstructed engine and transmission can also be a good purchase and usually comes with a warranty.

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