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Blackbraid – A bike that weighs 5kg

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Bikes, undoubtedly, have a cult following and is in fashion for a very long time. However, with the passage of times, bikes have taken many forms and it has been transformed into some unique, easy to pedal and dock it in minimal space vehicles. Here is just another effort from PG Bikes to make it more user-friendly. PG bikes have found excellent partner in Munich Composites to create a new, unique bicycle in the market.

Now you might be thinking what’s so special about this bike? Very true! Let me tell you that this bicycle weighs merely 5kg. A new statement in style and sustainability, PG Bikes has come up with a new, special procedure to create braided carbon frames. The technology is called braiding technology and it renders the high performance material as stable as metal but weighs far less than aluminum.

The master piece of the road is called Blackbraidand is marketed in two different versions: a Fixie which suits best for the city roads and a Touring version which is perfect for the long distance travel. The lightweight, elegant, slim, and high-tech bike is nothing short of engineering marvel and comes with a single speed in the Fixie variant while the Touring model gets a 14-speed gearbox.

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