Yin Xiuzhen’s Breadroll from old cloths brings in the element of social cohesion

Yin Xiuzhen’s Breadroll vehicle from old cloths 10

While you might have seen some weird vehicles on road in your day-to-day travel, but the one we are talking about here is different for reason being many. On one hand, it’s one-off-a-kind vehicle, secondly it has been extended beyond limits and thirdly it’s an installation with eco credentials at heart.

The Van-bus you see above is extended to an enormous length by the Chinese artist, Yin Xiuzhen. To extend the vehicle, the middle part has been chopped and connected with rails that help extend it to huge length. After that, the Chinese artist covered the extended area of this  vehicle ( I will call it van-bus) using nothing but second hand cloths that include blouses, skirts, shirts and various other stuffs.

The vehicle is nicknamed as Breadroll and is a symbol of freedom representing the hopes and dreams of many Chinese. The vehicle has been extended to form a caterpillar for people to find ample space with stools to sit on to enter into a conversation and listen to the music. On the other hand, the light that is broken by colored clothes invokes the recollections of the leaded glass windows of the church to stress the element of social unity.

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