Eddi Prabandono’s multi-looped Vespa sculpture is pleasant bonhomie

Eddi Prabandono’s multi-looped Vespa sculpture

The creative genii across the globe usually find art in things that otherwise are discarded by us less imaginative mortals. However, when we see them in new form all we usually wonder if this could be done. One of such creative artist is Indonesia, Eddi Prabandono. This man is really endowed with an eye to find beauty in stuff like industrial waste, automobile parts, shovels and many other discarded materials and immortalizes them in his art.

Though Eddi Prabandono is renowned for creating giant sculpture of 25 tons of special clay of his daughter Luz’s head at the 2011 edition of the art exhibition Jog Art, yet he has also managed other stuff by recycling the waste thing. The most recent inclusion to his long list of art works is this multi looped Vespa which measures 640 cm × 340 cm. The material used is Iron plate and Vespa Special which is finished in duco paint.

Eddi Prabandono’s other creations also include some artwork on bicycles and other stuff that are equally impressive. While this multi-looped vespa sticks to the word ‘art for art sake’, we wonder as to what makes him think and create this multi-looped Vespa sculpture. But that’s what we really call creativity. Kudos to Eddi!

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