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the True Cost of Owning a Ford F-150

This is the True Cost of Owning a Ford F-150

by Dr Prem Community Writer

Owning a car is much more expensive than just making a down payment and paying off your car loan every month. It’s a continuous investment. There are maintenance costs and repairs that you have to consider before you buy a car. Some cars are more expensive to maintain than others.

Before you consider buying a Ford F-150 you should be aware of just how much people usually spend on maintenance and repairs. In fact, owning a Ford is more expensive than a Chevy and a Dodge when talking about American cars.

$788 Per Year Maintenance for Fords

Owning a Ford F-150

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According to RepairPal, the owners of Ford vehicles spend $788 on average per year on maintenance and repairs for their cars. Actually, the Ford F-150 truck is the most expensive Ford model to maintain and repair.

Ford F-150 owners on average spend $6,085 in maintenance and repair costs over 5 years. This includes major repairs and minor repairs over the years. Before purchasing your Ford F-150, consider these costs into your budget.

Most Common Issues and Repairs

No car is built perfectly. Consumers have reported some of the most common problems with their Ford F-150s so you know what you can expect and estimate the repair costs.

1. No or Little Heat in the Cabin

You don’t want to find yourself cold and shivering in the middle of the winter because your heater and vents aren’t working.

2. Rough Running Engine While Idling

While sitting at a red light waiting to get on with your journey, you may experience some rough running of the engine causing vibrations and maybe a little concern.

3. Ignition Coil Spark Failure

The one day you’re running late to a meeting you may find that your engine won’t start because the ignition coil is failing to spark. This is a common issue with Ford F-150s, but can be remedied.

4. Oil Leak on the Passenger Side

Many owners have reported an oil leak coming from the passenger side. While this isn’t a major issue, it should be repaired promptly. 

Ford Certified Mechanics or DIY?

Ford Certified Mechanic

Mechanical repairs can cost an arm and a leg depending on where you’re located and the issue that must be fixed. You may want to consider fixing your truck yourself if you’re handy. This could mean replacing a Ford raptor carbon fiber steering wheel or doing a simple oil change.

However, if you do not have the background knowledge to work on cars, you may want to find a Ford certified mechanic to help you get your truck back up and running. Their expertise and specialty in Ford vehicles leave you assured that your truck is in good hands. 

Consider Getting an Extended Warranty

If you don’t like surprise costs popping up throughout the year, you may want to consider getting an extended warranty for your F-150. While no car runs perfectly, it seems that the repair costs for the F-150 can really add up.

To save money and keep your mind at ease, look into an extended warranty. It’s a beneficial investment for your wallet and your vehicle.

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