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Leading Causes of Car Accidents

7 Leading Causes of Car Accidents

by Dr Prem Community Writer

A car accident is unfortunate and we’d rather that it never happened to us or to anyone else. However, accidents do occur and thousands of people are injured or even worse in car accidents every year. There are some common car accident causes. Let’s take a look.

 7 leading causes of car accidents

You are probably a careful driver, but sometimes the unthinkable happens, and you may be in an accident, due to the other driver’s recklessness or your own mistake. If that happens then you could contact an attorney for car crash in Oklahoma so that you get the best legal representation for yourself.

Check out the causes for accidents which are most common, which might help you take the proper preventive measures. 

1. Speed driving

Speed driving

Driving at a high speed can be thrilling, but it is also a high-risk factor leading to accidents. Even if you’re late, it’s best not to push the pedal as it is quite dangerous. Staying within the limits is best for the safety of everyone on the road. 

2. Driving distractedly

Texting while driving, or talking on the phone, eating, applying makeup and reading mails are some of the distractions to be avoided while driving. Taking your eyes off the road even for an instant while you are distracted can have disastrous results. 

3. Drunk driving

DUI Will Ruin Your Life

Driving while intoxicated is perhaps the most dangerous cause of accidents and often proves to be quite deadly. If you’ve had a drink or two, either call a cab or ask a sober friend, partner or spouse to drive you home. Its better never to risk driving when you are drunk. 

4. Unsafe/Reckless driving

Changing lanes without indication, braking sharply, suddenly accelerating, illegal U turns or driving towards coming traffic are some examples of unsafe driving. These reasons are quite manageable, and if people are careful then many accidents can be prevented. Being calm and collected while driving will prevent making mistakes which can be lifesaving sometimes. 

5. Weather


Rain, ice and snow makes road conditions perilous. These natural elements tend to hide the road, reduce visibility and make the roads extremely slippery. Driving slowly is best, even though drivers behind you may be irked. If you are in a storm, and can’t see anything, then pull over till it passes. 

6. Not stopping at red lights

Running the red lights is one of the foremost reasons for accidents. Sometimes it is really tempting to jump the light, especially when it seems are though there are no oncoming cars. But many serious accidents have occurred due to the impatience of drivers at red lights. This can happen inadvertently too, when you are preoccupied with work or other issues.

7. Driving at night


Driving during the day is hazardous, but driving at night almost doubles the risk of accidents. Most DUI accidents occur at night. The darkness makes even familiar roads unfamiliar and you must up your alertness levels when you drive down unknown roads.

Tailgating, drowsy driving, tire blowouts, road rage are other leading causes of car accidents that you must be careful about.

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