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Shipping Bids

What are Shipping Bids and How to Win Them?

by Dr Prem Community Writer

If you are a truck owner or operator, you need loads to move. A convenient way to find loads is to use load boards which provide a variety of jobs. When a shipper uploads delivery requirements, you and other drivers can place bids on the load, according to size of load, time required for delivery and the distance. These bids are known as shipping bids.

What are shipping bids and how to win them

 Shipping Bid

You have perhaps gained an understanding of shipping bids, basically these are the bids which truckers or freight brokers place on shipments. Click here to see what the process is like. You will find that it is just like other auctions, and the shipper selects the winning bidder.

What are shipping bid platforms?

There are several bidding platforms, also known as load boards, which can be found with a simple search online. The criteria asked for to join is different in different platforms/sites. Some load boards offer a free service and to access some you have to pay a monthly fee, or sign up fee.

Choose the one which you find comfortable to work with, and also has good reviews from other users. 

How to win shipping bids?


Placing a bid is easy, but winning one over others can be a little tricky, if you are a newbie. Still, there is a lot of work for everyone, and you should take heart and keep bidding. Once you win a few bids, you will have some experience and that is also impressive for shippers. Try not to place the lowest bid, just to win the bid.

Your bid should be genuine, explaining why you have quoted that particular amount. You must make a profit from your hard work, and this is possible when you deliver very good service, with products arriving intact and in pristine condition, without delay. 

Be prepared for the bid season

Bid season falls in the last quarter of the year, when shippers put up their loads for drivers to bid on. You might win a bid for yourself or your company for the whole year, which means you have work for the entire year.

If you sign a contract with a shipper, and deliver good service during the year, the shipper may approach you the following year too. Shippers usually like to work with tried and tested carriers, as they know what they would be getting, and also processes like signing contracts takes less time.

Independent drivers/truckers might start out with freight brokers who might already have contracts/relationships with shippers. More importantly, large shipping firms do not send RFPs (Request for Proposal) to independent drivers or small firms. But freight brokers do receive RFPs.

Whether you are a freight broker new in the game, or a new trucker, the secret is to keep bidding till you win a bid or two. This will help to create your portfolio and make winning bids easier in the future. 

Place accurate bids


To have a chance at winning shipping bids, your bid has to be on the mark. Freight brokers and small trucking firms or independent truckers might invest in software which predict actionable freight rates for different lanes.

The rates are predicted using data for tendered load volumes, rejection of tenders as well as headhaul index score. If you have this data, you can get an idea of the bids you should place in a much shorter time.

Freight brokers should continually build carrier network to be prepared to ship once they win bids. Truckers should be in contact with brokers and companies to get work, and offer a clear understanding of the delivery process. This would definitely help to win the bids you want!

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