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Car Instagram Tips

Car Instagram Tips to Get More Likes and Followers

by Dr Prem Community Writer

Instagram is one of the best marketing tools these days, due to its millions of users. If you are a car dealer or have a garage or you restore old cars – you can optimize Instagram to get followers and customers. One of the ways is to use online tools such as GetInsta and get free Instagram followers.

 What is GetInsta?

GetInsta app

GetInsta is an app which you can use to get free followers and likes. It is 100% free and saf. The process of getting followers and likes is quite easy too. All you have to do is signup and login with your email id. There are no surveys or risks, ever.

You can get real-time followers, which you can buy with the GetInsta coins. The moment you signup and login, you are given some coins to buy followers and likes. Then you can keep adding to your coins by performing tasks the app suggests. A requirement is that your profile should be public.

The followers and likes are from real people, with high quality accounts, and never from expired accounts. There are no bots but real followers who follow you, and for the free plan, you have to follow people too. So, your following grows organically, and soon you can reach the high numbers.

And there is never any risk of being punished or banned by Instagram as your following grows organically, gradually over a period of time (though it will grow faster than doing it on your own). You can set a realistic timeline and get thousands, and perhaps millions of followers! Try the 1000 free Instagram followers trial, and get started.

Now, let’s take a look at how you can optimize your content. 

Car Instagram tips for more likes and followers 

1. Post photos of classic, race and rare cars

woman sitting in the classic car

Your potential customers would be young people in the age bracket of 18 to 29, and statistics show that 64% percent in that age bracket use Instagram. And about 42% adults who earn more than 75,000 dollars use Instagram. And over 5 million Instagram users list auto as one of the top passions.

To attract this demographic, you have to catch their interest. A model such as 1966 Ford GT40 Gulf Livery would be perfect. You can post gorgeous photos of rare modern cars too, such as McCaren 918 or SLR.Vintage Lamborghinis are also liked and shared 30% more.

Some classic cars have amazing details which are absent in modern cars. Capture these details in close up, such as chrome plated rear view mirrors, vintage lights and so on. 

2. Be careful of the background and surroundings

Be sure to check that the background is neutral so that the cars are highlighted. If there is a boring background, it will distract viewers from focusing on the car and what you are saying. A grocery store or a pharmacy in the background is a strict no-no. 

3. Post adventure photos

road trip

Your audience would appreciate some off-road fun. You could share photos of your current customers who are into off-road trips. This would promote the cars you want to sell and serve as testimonials too. You would get more likes and followers, including free Instagram likes with GetInsta.

4. Visit car shows

Car enthusiasts love to be updated on the latest cars and auto related information. Post images and videos and walk-arounds to keep your followers interested. 

5. Pay attention to color

GetInsta for real time likes and followers

The background as well as the color of the car should match, for the best effect. For example, if you are clicking a shot with bright blue skies, then there should not be a dark color in the background.

For example, a yellow classic with the beach in the background is a great shot. Always remember to keep the lens low, as crouching down to take the shots gives exciting and catchy results.

Always use the appropriate hashtags to grow your following organically. Using GetInsta for real time likes and followers, and following the leaders in your industry would give you an idea how to post intriguing and interesting ways.

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