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Opt for Car Ceramic Coating This Season

Things to Know Before You Opt for Car Ceramic Coating This Season

by Dr Prem Community Writer

As a car owner, you might be acquainted with ceramic coatings. Ceramic is a polymer; it binds irreversibly to the paint that the car came with. Therefore, once the coating is done, it becomes hard to remove, even with chemicals. The ceramic coat can only be removed by force or abrasion.

So, a properly applied ceramic coating can last for the lifetime of the car. No wonder some people take their newly purchased vehicle straight from the showroom to a car ceramic coating provider to beautify and protect it.

Still, you might think that just waxing and polishing your car will solve your problems. Maybe just a paint protection film will be enough. Perhaps you’re worried about the price tag that comes with ceramic coating.

Well, here is a handy list of advantages that might sway your decision to get a ceramic coating.

Advantages of Ceramic Coating

Advantages of Ceramic Coating

It’s a resilient solution to your car troubles, as nothing can beat the long-lasting effects of ceramic coating. The ceramic coating protects your car from UV rays. Sun’s harmful UV rays can induce a fading effect against which you have complete protection if you’ve gone for a ceramic coating.

Also, it protects the paint job of your car against chemical stains, which includes acid rains and other damages caused by oxidative or corrosive materials. It is inherently hydrophobic. Thus it can be cleaned easily since dirt and grime just wash off the surface of the car.

The coating creates a glossy appearance and brings out the paint job of your car. Ceramic coating is good for the upcoming season since snow and salt won’t be able to give your paint job any trouble.

Is Ceramic Coating Worth All the Trouble?

The simple answer to this question is yes; it is. After reading the benefits of getting a ceramic coating, you might want to get it done for your car (new or old). It might be able to make the cleaning job less stressful for you, so you can spend more of your time enjoying your car and less worrying about its upkeep and appearance.

What Your Ceramic Coating Won’t Do?

Ceramic Coating on car

  • Your car ceramic coating won’t prevent the damage caused by scratches and paint chipping.
  • Water spotting due to hard water or acid rains – these can damage the over-all shine or gloss of your car.
  • It doesn’t negate the need to clean your car.

What Care and Maintenance Do You Need for Your Ceramic Coating

When you opt for ceramic coating for your vehicle, you don’t have to worry too much about its regular maintenance. Just follow some simple steps.

Sometimes, water may rub off the hydrophobic surface of the ceramic polymer, but you’ll have to wash off the stains left behind by hard water or acid rain.

You don’t need to wax the surface since the hydrophobic ceramic will give off a glossy finish. The cleaning process is comparatively easier, but that doesn’t mean that you get a free pass when cleaning your car.

Should You Really Opt for Ceramic Coating?

Opt for Ceramic Coating

Before you make a big decision of buying ceramic coating for your car, it is essential to look at the story from both sides and then make an informed decision. You might have heard contradicting remarks, where the detailers tout ceramic coating as the next hot trend while the users offer trial and tested reviews.

Car ceramic coating is not the solution to all of your problems, though. If you’re looking for a solution for all your paint job issues, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a costly alternative. But if you shell out some of your money for getting the car coating done, it will save you years worth of paint maintenance and waxing jobs.

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